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Education, research and innovation are of central importance for safeguarding our future. They form the basis for economic, social and technological progress. Through research and innovation, we want to transform our lifestyles and economy in such a way that competitiveness, the preservation of the natural life-support systems and social equity become compatible. To achieve these goals, we adopted the High-Tech Strategy 2025 in September 2018. This is the strategic framework for our research and innovation policy. The High-Tech Strategy 2025 underpins our goal of stepping up investment in research and development from the current level of approximately 3 per cent of Germany’s gross domestic product per annum to 3.5 per cent by 2025. We want Germany to remain at the cutting edge of innovation worldwide. And to achieve this, we must do more. This is because innovation is becoming more and more dynamic and digital, which creates new challenges. We are facing up to these challenges – and breaking new ground as we go. We want to offer science, businesses and society an open environment in which to test new ways of acquiring, disseminating and exchanging knowledge, and we must engage new partners. Strategically opening up science, research and innovation is a response to the growing innovative drive. We have already done a great deal to prepare Germany well for the future. Last year, we launched a range of research and innovation policy measures within the High-Tech Strategy 2025 and set out important milestones. Interministerial missions such as combating cancer, reducing plastic discharged into the environment, and achieving substantial greenhouse gas neutrality in industry are being developed in collaboration with science, industry and society. Our major goal is to tangibly improve the quality of life of all citizens. It is therefore important to us to involve the people in our country in discussions on the future of research and innovation. After all, we can only further improve and strengthen our research and innovation policy if we all pull together taking account of the diverse perspectives.

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