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Security is fundamental to freedom, quality of life and prosperity. Civil security has a bearing on all spheres of life in modern and cosmopolitan societies. It enables citizens to develop freely and individually and strengthens the formation of democratic communities where social cohesion and societal participation take centre stage. A changing security policy environment, the growing trend towards digital technologies – both in private life and in the world of work – and societal change are all calling for a new response from civil security research. This response needs to include holistic solutions that help us to address the consequences of international terrorism and organized crime and enhance the protection of critical supply infrastructures. At the same time, national and international measures are needed to reduce the impact of natural disasters and extreme weather phenomena. Public and private safety and security organizations are facing great and in part new challenges regarding civil security. Civil security research has been firmly enshrined in the High-Tech Strategy since 2007 and has become an established field of interdisciplinary research with a thriving research community. With its “Research for Summary ivil Security 2018–2023” framework programme, the Federal Government is assuming responsibility for fostering public safety and public order in the interconnected world of today and tomorrow. Under the new framework programme, innovative solutions are being developed and put into practice to enhance people’s security, safety and quality of life and protect vital infrastructures. Funding in the field of civil security research is provided exclusively for research on civil scenarios involving research, industry and end users. Technological advancement and societal progress are inextricably linked in security research. This means that societal aspects are taken into consideration from the very beginning when developing security solutions. The consistent and early involvement of end users in the public and private sector ensures that civil security solutions are developed to meet practical needs. The Federal Government is investing in the security of tomorrow with its “Research for Civil Security 2018– 2023” framework programme. Civil security research is the key to enhancing security in all spheres of public Security life without curtailing the freedom of the individual. It creates the preconditions for strengthening prosperity in Germany and enhancing the quality of life for everyone.

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