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"NASA’s Langley Research Center (LaRC) needed to test its current planning activities against a longer-term view of the external future. To do this, NaRC asked the Houston Foresight program to collaborate on the development of a set of longer-term external scenarios on the future of work. The goal was to stretch thinking out to the world of work in 2050 and then “bring it back” to a strategic approach and initiatives that could be started in the present.

The project used scenario planning to create long-term views of the future of work. The scenarios will be used to “wind tunnel” the current plans and activities of NASA and enable them to make the appropriate adjustments to their current strategy.

The Houston Foresight team consisted of Andy Hines (PI), alum Maria Romero (Project Manager), and students Tim Morgan, George Paap, and Mathew Palubicki."

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